Best Places To Stay While You’re On Vacation In Maui

20January 2020

Anyone can plan a trip to the beautiful island of Maui. But not everyone gets the chance to find the best places to stay in Maui. Tourists and visitors on the island are open to a wide variety of accommodation options. Each abode is unique and tailored to match visitors’ needs and expectations.

But if you’d love to enjoy custom-prepared breakfasts and personalized room services at no extra costs in a lodge with fewer crowds and beautifully designed rooms, the best place to stay in Maui is at a bed and breakfast.

Why Bed And Breakfasts Are the Best Places to Stay In Maui

Bed and breakfasts are the most suitable choice of lodging if you intend to indulge in a pleasurable vacation. You can find various bed and breakfasts spread across the island of Maui and they are committed to providing better values than hotels.

From a cozy and less crowded environment, to personalized attention and nearness to key attractions on the island, there are several reasons why lodging at bed and breakfasts are the best places to stay in Maui.

Cozy and less crowded

Unlike hotels and other accommodations, bed and breakfasts in Maui are less crowded. In fact, many bed and breakfasts only have three to ten rooms. This makes them more exclusive and with fewer guests. This means you’ll end up in a comfortable room in addition to several free extras.

Also, you wouldn’t have to bother about congested parking lots, you’ll enjoy tasty home-cooked meals and your host may even offer discounts on some Maui attractions and events.  

Excellent customer service  

Bed and breakfasts inns on the island of Maui are usually owned and operated by their owners. These are people who take pride in their ability to take good care of their guests and ensure they get the best of everything they deserve. Their impeccable customer service starts when you show up at their doorstep and they give you a warm welcome. Also, their knowledge of various attractions on Maui will make it easier for you to enjoy your experience on the island. This is one of the reasons bed and breakfasts are the best places to stay in Maui.   

Closer to attractions  

Bed and breakfasts on the island of Maui are usually closer to several tourist attractions because they are located in residential areas or more cozy rural settings.

This is why the atmosphere surrounding bread and breakfasts are often conducive to beautiful photographic scenery. This is unlike what usually surrounds hotels on the island.  

Unique Rooms

Every room in a bed and breakfast is often uniquely designed with a theme. Since each room is separately decorated, they each have their own character. You can ask your host to let you see several rooms just to know how their designs compare.

Many bed and breakfasts take pride in the uniqueness of their rooms and each of their themes. Some B&Bs even allow you to book your exact room of choice rather than choosing a room type as you’re required to do in a hotel.

Personal Attention

Hotels on the island of Maui are sometimes overcrowded. This means you may find it hard to get anyone’s attention when you really need one. Situations like that never happen when you stay in a bed and breakfast. This is because hosts work around the clock to make sure every guest feel welcome and comfortable.

The best part is hosts are always on ground whenever you need them. Since B&B are typically smaller than hotels, you’ll get all the personal attention and assistance you want. Even more, B&B hosts are experience local experts and they can give you relevant insight on attractions to see, things to do and even advise you on what to eat. This is one of the reasons bed and breakfasts are the best places to stay in Maui.